Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to December

I realize that my sunglasses in this picture makes me look like I'm wearing a demented tiara but its a good picture and I'm going to post it up anyway cause I'm cool with that.

Did I tell you how excited I am for this weekend?


Would like me to tell you why?

I'm running the Salt Lake Half Marathon with my ultra cool 12th in the world Ironman sister. Well more like I will see her at the start and the finish but still I get to run a race with my sister! What makes me so happy to do this is that she really made me look at myself in different viewpoint back in December when I was at my biggest loser weight. She's such a great source of information about races but she's humble about it. She's so upbeat when people tell her they are doing races and what they should do. I really think she should go into being a coach for people to do races and things or write a book.

Also back in December (what am I Taylor Swift I've said that line three times in this post geez. Time for new music on the i-pod!) I didn't think I would ever really run again. I was so fat and so down just feeling like Jabba the Hut (Bring me Solo. Sorry couldn't resist.) . That I honestly thought I had peaked. Apparently I just needed to go through my valley of fatness.

I'm learning that as a food addict there is never going to be a day where I will wake up and not struggle with making the right decisions in regards to food and exercise but I have to tell myself that its better to make the right choices and feel better than it is to feel stuffed and bloated. Feelings I've learned are better if you don't reward yourself with food for them. I'm not a dog. Also when I go hog wild I've learned to tone it down somewhere else. I'm finding the balance of me and who I am.

So if you aren't doing anything and you like you know have time or something and you want to see the Ure kids running come to Salt Lake and watch us. I promise it will be entertaining. You might want to come watch. Or even better sign up for it! Ends at midnight tonight to register!

Or if you are more Ogden local come watch us in the Ogden Half/Marathon. We will be there too!

Cause we are cool like that.

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