Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Light No Light

I totally took the weekend off. It was glorious. 

I know. Your all jealous.

Its okay. Cause in a few sentences I will make you feel better about yourself I promise. 

This is one of those post that you will read and either hurry and call my mother and report that one of the Mormon Mafia's children has gone rouge. Or you will look at me and go well that make sense . Hopefully you will just go alright. The fat kid really does have layers and working through stuff. 

Here it goes. 

I'm a terrible Mormon. 

Yes along with my food addiction I'm also terrible in my religion. Now don't get me wrong I haven't killed anybody (that you know of) or committed any serious crimes worthy of police intervention. No my crimes lie in another direction. Let me present to you my seven deadly sins. 

First sin that I committed: I love Mocha Chillers and Java Chip Frappicinos. This has been well established. Yes I get them with the coffee. Now granted I probably shouldn't drink them walking into a F.H.E activity or into For all of the non members in the group this is a group activity planned by the overly perky non caffeinated young single people every Monday that is planned so that we will pair off date for three days and get married and make lots of babies. The Church kinda looks down on Coffee, Tea, and Alcohol consumption based on the belief in doctrine called  the word of wisdom that is suppose to make us strong and happy folk. I know they are full of calories but dang it once a week (oh who am I kidding three days a week) I indulge in the chocolately coffee goodness that is a mocha chiller with a shot of peppermint. It makes me happy and since they have banned smoking at my desk its sometimes the only way I get through a work day. 

Sin number two:
I swear. Yes. I use somewhat naughty language. Now this isn't as bad as sin number one but it bares repeating. Sometimes I just have to use the word Hell and Damn. I only use the heavy hitter words once in a blue moon mainly when I've hurt myself so badly that I can't move. See falling in pot hole during race. This is one sin that I actually feel bad about and I've been trying to work on. I try not to swear in front of others. Yet some days I fail miserably. I'm so damn sorry. I try really. Hell. I mean dang. I mean shoot. Ah heck lets just move on shall we? 

Sin number three:
I actually let my friends and family who aren't members of the church keep their faith and don't shove mine down their throats. I'm more of a pacifist in the recruitment department. I've got mine and you've got yours. I'm a scholar in this life journey. I don't have all the answers and I love to learn. Some of the best conversations I've ever had is asking questions from my friends of other faiths. They help me develop my own. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm willing to share my ideas if you are willing to share yours and learn from each other and not tear each other down shall we? 

Sin number four: 
I don't believe in everything the church does. Shocking I know. I have a hard time with the whole gay stance the church has taken lately. I don't believe in creating witch hunts in things that is frankly none of the church's business. So what if two gay people want to get married? I say more power to them. Its none of my business and I believe its none of the LDS churches business. Why can't we focus on helping our fellow man and working on ourselves be the best we can be? The last I checked Jesus said love everybody but maybe I'm wrong? 

Sin number five: 
I'm waiting to get married. In fact I might not get married till I'm 30 or later! So when you ask me why I'm not married yet I'm going to tell you that I'm lucky. Cause I will have lived my life a little bit. That there are adventures that I want to go on before I reproduce and get stuck to a mortgage payment. I live a lone and I like it. I go where I like and I do what I please. Why is that a crime? If your married and have reproduced congrats to you. I'm glad for you I am. Truly. However this doesn't mean I'm lonely. I've got great friends. I'm not opposed but I'm taking my time and I'm doing just fine. 

Sin number six: 
I don't like Mitt Romney. Or as I like to call him Mittens. There I said it! *Please note this is in no way shape or form a personal dig at anyone person's political belief. We all are allowed to vote for who we believe in who will do the best job. I don't think he is the answer. Sorry.

Sin number seven: 
I'm an environmentalist. I don't believe that everything was placed here to be used till its built up, used up and destroyed. Sorry. I believe in open space, clean air and water. So if I wear chaco's and I believe in preserving what we have and be good stewards of the earth then this is a sin that I don't ever feel like repenting from. 

So there you have it. Why I'm a terrible Mormon. However in my defense I do like my faith. Its like a marriage some days you like each other and other days you can't stand each other. Yet we get a long. The overall point of this post is to share with you that I'm a quirky individual who may sneak away from Church early get a java chip frappicino and go lay out on his lawn and enjoy the sunshine, who might voice an opinion that is contrary to what should be the standard Mormon answer. I'm human. I'm me. I just want you to know that. So when you judge me before you know me I can point to these seven sins and say here are just a few of my faults. 

Lets still stay friends shall we? 


  1. Oh Blake! We are still friends! Have you tried the Mocha Blast from Baskin Robbins? YUM! I haven't had one in years but they are delish! Still love you even thought we might not agree on everything. But I think that is what makes someone a TRUE friend. (Loving someone in spite of the things you disagree on). I also swear from time to time. I blame it on the Jazz mostly! :) XOXO!

  2. Numbers three and seven make you a good Mormon, just saying.

  3. Oh Blake, ya I guess I'm not a good mormon either! haha although I have never tried a mocha anything (i don't like the smell of coffee so figured, probably doesn't taste good either) but man they sure do look amazing!!! And the swearing, well, I never used to swear, like ever, but the past couple years man the D word and H word just come out when I'm frustrated and a little to easily I admit. and I too don't have a problem with the homosexual community marrying either. i always think ok so what? But I don't know all the reasons, as to why its a good/bad thing. It doesn't hurt me so why can't they be happy? but come on, no to Mittens? not just cause he's mormon but dang we need his business side to help us! love ya none the less!

  4. lol alot of what you have put down does not go against the church standards so I don't know why you feel you are a bad 'mormon' because of it. I am only commenting because you make 'mormons' sound horable controling people.
    1. yes the coffee thing is frowned upon. :) and you make me smile your description of a YSA (young single adult) FHE It's awsome that you go no one cares(or should not care) that you walk in with coffee that is your choice.
    2. lots of members swear, there is nothing saying we can't.
    3. you don't need to 'shove' religon down their throats. as members... We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.
    4.As above... as for the Gay marrage they are not grey at all. we beielive marrage to be between a man and a woman. we do not hate'gays' we are told to love the people not the act some people have a hard time destigishing the two.
    5.Marry when ever you want no law saying you NEED to marry young.
    6.everyone cooses their own political stuff but you know that already.
    7.We ARE ment to be wise sewarts of the earth. you are more than welcome to be an enviromentalist; i think it's fantastic that you care for the earth we all should:)
    HUGS :)