Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Feel the Blues Moving In

I'm too lazy today for a picture. 
(I warn you this is a random boring post.)

Wait scratch that. Picture a pink hippo. Tied to a yellow string. The hippo is wearing white and red polka dotted dress. The string is attached to a post. Got it? Good. Now can you tell me what that means about my inner psyche? 

Today I wanted to stand on top of my desk and scream like a four year old. I wanted to kick my feet up and down and shake my head and cry my head off. I know it was only Tuesday but cabin fever came in and grabbed me by the bones and said You get us outside now! My brain protested as well if I hear the word mameogram or watch another old woman throw a fit because she has to get her information verified it I shall lose it and you will be a mass of ugly my friend! A mass ugly. 

To make that last paragraph make sense it was really hard day today at work. The weather was so nice and so hard to be trapped! Trapped I tell like an animal in cage. The things I do for money I tell you. Short of working the street corner this is what I must do in order to survive. 

If anybody wants to host a slighty fat 27 year old this weekend I'd love to get away. 


A completely random ending to a completely crappy post. 

I"m sorry? 

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  1. You are too funny! I deleted my old blog and started a new one (link on my profile). I will actually talk about my attempts at running. My first outside run was a success and failure all in one. More details when I have time to write the post.