Friday, April 13, 2012

I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

Oh so pretty and witty!

My mother hates these photos. I call them I have to go running but I really don't want to because I ate a lot of crap and I kinda like eating a lot crap but I don't like be fat pictures. I know. Y'all are wondering how I maintain such a high level of handsomness while running and I tell your it's not easy. Its a lot of work to sleep as hard as I do and then wake up and go. What can I say its those great genes I was blessed with.

I feel that these are great pictures to upload on my profile. The ad would read Single White male looking for eternal companion. Hobbies include washing his my little ponies hair, sticking fingers in electrical sockets and having strong intellectual discussions on whether or not Mitt Romney's real name is Mittens. ( I secretly hope it is).

Hope these photos bring some joy into your life.

Have a great Friday!

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