Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So What!

This is me today after work. This picture is actually from my thanksgiving post when I had no heat but it fits for today.Its nasty and cold and I'm rather run down. Well what did you expect? I ran sixteen miles on Saturday, drove home from St. George on Sunday had a truly heart warming dinner made by the princess, then I went to an after conference party, and then I stumbled in to bed. Then at the ungrateful hour of 5:00 am off I went to work, then I came home, changed ran five miles, then prepared a visual aid and great presentation for an interview, showered and off I went to FHE then I did laundry and went to bed at 12:30 up at 4:50 and then off to work and now I'm here in my apartment on the couch and I really don't care. Cause its grey and just awful outside.

But on a more positive note. I mean it really is! I have been trying to be more honest in my life. Truly. I'm two pounds away from the weight on my driver's licencse. If I was run over by a little old lady on the sidewalk (that would have been yesterday's run) I could face St. Peter at those Pearly gates and with the biggest smile say I may have not been honest in all my dealings but at least I put the honest weight on my driver's license. So there's that.

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