Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pop! Goes the Weasel.

For the rest of my life I will have to hide my face when I go to yogalities. What is yogalities? For all of you non O.C fans it is the combination of Yoga and Pilate's or PIYO. Its only taught on Tuesday afternoons for the ladies who lunch bunch (its open to everybody but I've only seen one other guy in the class) anyway when I get the chance I go.

Sometimes we get to play with bands, other times we have mats, and the other day we got to play with bouncy balls. Which I'm not going to lie I was excited thinking yay Dodge ball! So we go through the usual workout warm up, doing the yoga poses and then comes the ball sequence.

To clarify I was a tad bit late so there were fewer balls to chose from. So we are bouncing around up and down on this ball kicking our legs up in the air and then it happened.


Like a gunshot. Suddenly I'm not bouncing anymore. Rather I'm flat on back going Oh. No. Oh dear. Of course in my dreams nobody notices but in reality everybody turns and looks at me. Which was even worse cause who wants to look at a fat kid with their legs in the air sweating like I a pig?

Terrible. So that is why I have to go into hiding.

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  1. Ha ha ha, this made me laugh out loud - mostly because I was JUST looking at pictures of us tubing at First Dam and MY inner-tube popped right under me! But I fell into water, not the ground. However, I was in front of people I knew... not OC style yogites. I'm sure people will just laugh about it, and think nothing more of it. I wouldn't sweat it.