Monday, April 18, 2011

I Love A Piano

I wish that I could play the piano. I never had any musical instruction. With a deaf kid I imagine my parents were thinking of their poor ears. Which is perfectly justified. Although on a such a wet and dreary day like today I so wish I could play the piano and sing those deep afflicted blues. However I know I can't sing. Case in point one time I was singing my little heart out in the shower one Saturday morning when the roommates were away I think it was around Christmas. When I got out they all were outside the door and one politely but firmly said Don't do that again.

Which I ever the smart ass said what?


See? I thought it was fitting for today and the awfully dry weather we are getting lately.

Post update.
So after the weather cleared up for just a moment it turned out to be the prettiest day. Although I think my house is haunted. All my family pictures just keep on falling over or breaking. Thank goodness they were ikea frames easy to replace but still. Something creepy moved into my apartment. Maybe its time I start singing in the shower again?

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  1. I swear I saw you running on the trail next to Legacy highway! Weird! I just wanted to let you know that I think you are awesome and you inspire me! Keep going Blake!