Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've Got the Right To Sing the Blues

If it keeps on snowing I think there might be a shining moment in my apartment. No sunshine or warmth makes Blake go crazy. While today I was suppose to go run sixteen miles the weather was too cold and awful for me to even to suffer through it. I now know what it feels like to be in the bottom of a depression well. Ugh winter is not for me I've decided so in order to brighten up my day I'm throwing myself a little bit of Hawaiian luau in my apartment. Since all my posse seems to be avoiding/hunkering down/suffering from finalitis (its a very serious disease) its me my shaved ice maker Elvis and turning up the heat (woo! 63 degrees I'm splurging! Its almost tropical in here!) , and its down right fun.

Well more like as I watch my Hawaiian slide show here in my messy cold apartment wearing my Hawaiian shirt and shorts I realize that I need a.) a housekeeper b.) new activities to do in the this freezing absolutely despicable and absolutely unnecessary form or wetness. I don't mind rain but snow after April first puts me in such a wonderful mood.

So now I'm staring out at all of this wetness with my snow cone in hand and I tell myself I should remember this so when its 103 degrees and I'm melting that I'm should be grateful for it now. But I'm not. Sorry. Oh well.

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