Friday, January 3, 2014

Something Stupid

I always wish I had something brilliant to say, some wonderful bon mot to make you go oh! Isn't he clever. Yet tonight all I can offer you is the visual image of me in the kitchen singing "Something Stupid" to my salmon dinner.  Table for one please!

Sigh. Some days are like that you know? I mean I could be absolutely darling and describe me cleaning my bathroom but really that's just reaching. 

It was one of those blah days.

The revolution starts on Monday. 

I'm ready. 

Hope you are too. 

Right now I'm sitting here wrapped in a blanket a a spot of tea and a good book. 

The world is good. 

Sometimes it's best to say a little. I'm grateful for this moment of a little bit of peace. 

Sometimes it's best.

When you don't say much at all. 

So why not something romantic? 

Here's a little video for you. 


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