Monday, January 6, 2014

I Am Blake Hear Me Roar

 This is me at 5:45 this morning after realizing that I'm no where near the running shape I was in six months ago and you know what? I was just glad that I was moving. I've been thinking a lot about the Blake-O-Lution and why I have gained and lost weight over the years. The biggest thing I could conclude this morning when I was doing dry heaves was that no one likes to be uncomfortable. We don't exercise because it makes us sweat, it chafes our legs, and let's face it laying on the couch reading a good book is a lot more entertaining. 

I took this picture to remind myself that I need to become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Also to show that those dumb pins on Pinterest where everybody looks all nice during a work out and they are all look at me I look great! This is the harsh reality kids. You look like crap and you want to die. 

I'm trying to be honest with myself. I hope in six months to look at this picture and go well I don't look great but at least I was willing to take a picture of it and say I did it! So if you need motivation I can only say this How comfortable are you with the idea of being uncomfortable? Do you have the courage to go hungry *not starve yourself hungry but not feasting on the sugars?*   and here's the thing I'm having the biggest issue with is saying no. Saying no to myself. No I don't need ice cream. No I don't need candy. No DOTS are not acceptable forms of dinner. and saying yes to the hard things. Yes I need to get up. Yes I need to move. Yes to the good things. Yes I love myself. That's the important thing I'm learning is that I need to stop looking in the mirror and seeing my flaws and start saying nice things about myself. I find Beyonce songs help a lot. I'm bootylicious. No wait. Better than that Fergie I'm Blake-a-licious. 

It's not pretty but as my Grandpa would say. Well it's a start. 

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  1. So. True! Though when I start doing regular exercise I love the burn. It's usually around the 4 or 5 month mark when I'm like, "But I don't WANT to increase my weights or try a higher grade climb. It HURTS!" I reckon variety is to way forward. Keep doing stuff that hurts, but change it up a bit ay.

    Good luck :)