Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Since I took a blogging vacation for a while here is 2013 in review. As you can see it wasn't the year of getting skinny but I had so much fun anyway.

Hunter came home and it was awesome.

I went to Sea Ranch and never wanted to come home.

St George in Feb. Nothing like a fat white kid to make you jealous.

I did the Big Sur 21 miler. It was my first long distance run since the marathon. Confirmed my belief that I love pancakes and half marathons. Oh! Plus hot showers!

St. George again to watch my sister do amazing in the half  Iron man!I went to get tan. I mean be supportive. Mainly though to get tan.  

Harold and Maude entered my life. Red running shoes give you extra powers. Plus if they have cool old people names you don't feel so alone when you run. 

Ogden half. So cold so wet so fun. No really. It was so cold. 

I went to St. Louis and it was awesome! Thank you Steve for the amazing surprise trip! 

I went to Maui and decided that I seriously need to marry someone who is rich and lives by the ocean.

I did the Brigham City half marathon with my awesome running buddy Katilyn. We were one of 5 that actually did the half. So fun.

I went on one of the best road trips ever to Durango Colorado with the Stahle's. I has so much fun and so pretty!! 

Bear Lake! Nothing like driving up Logan Canyon with the top down on Bertie singing at the top of my lungs.  One of those rare times in summer where it was cold enough for me to wear a jacket!

ASL was so much fun! I loved it. 

I went to San Francisco and had glorious ice cream at Bi-Rites. Road trips are awesome! YAY for being adventurous.

I broke a chair and entered fat rehab.

Park City with friends. I was so lucky Emily and Steve let me stay up there for a weekend.


Baby Lanter coming spring 2014. Going to be a Uncle! So excited!

Christmas was awesome, my Dad is getting better and life is calm.

Oh and I bought a blender named Bernita.

Here's to 2014! 

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