Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shake Shake Senora

The shame rattle moment of the day is brought to you by the Grounds for Coffee cart.

I have lost 4 pounds in the last three weeks. Which equals a happy dance. This is the moment where you stand up and go YAY Blake! Its okay I'll wait. Are you done? Good. Thank you for cheering for me.

However today was a bad moment day. Today was a morning where I had the strong desire to be naughty. Not lay around the house and be lazy naughty but the naughty where you inhale a bag of OREO's and blame the dog kinda naughty.

However since I'm rather poor at the moment as in not Tiny Tim poor but not Big Spender level either. So when my favorite coffee cart gal decided to get a new job and leave I thought the only nice thing to do was support her...well 410 calories later and I feel rather hyper and gross with myself. I'm so ashamed! Sob! Tear! Shame rattle in the back ground.

To make it even worse is that I split my pants. Thank goodness I didn't go commando today.

I think I might have to leave work early today due to a fashion emergency.

this concludes our shame rattle moment. tune in later for updates.

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