Friday, January 27, 2012

Night Sky

Have you ever tried to take a picture of the night sky? One away from all the city lights and the hustle of city living. If you ever take a moment to look up you see that the sky is filled with billions of stars. Some glow brighter than others. When the moon hides for just a moment all you see is are little pin points of light.

I've always been fascinated by the night sky. There's something old and mysterious about the stars they have been used as lights to guide sailors home. In some faiths it is believed that there was once a star so bright it shone on place where the literal Son of God was born. Whenever I'm far from home I always look up to see the stars especially the north star. Cause when I was very little I remember holding my Grandpa's hand and looking up to see the stars and he pointed out the big dipper and in the little corner he told me it was the North star. A star so bright that anyone could see it and it had been used by captains for centuries to guide their ships home. So when I'm lonely I always look for the north star I know that somewhere someone that I love is looking at it too.

Stars are something I've always doodled when I'm bored. A simple five point star. When I started studying shapes in folklore I learned about the five elements and how the ancients believed it was essential for a happy life was to have balance Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Spirit. I have realized that my life is out of balance when I'm missing one of these elements. Earth I've learned is something that I have to touch and experience. My favorite moments are just being outside and stand in my bare feet and I breathe and I connect myself like a tree to the continuous circle that is our home. Wind to me is that niggling feeling you get in your gut when you need to move on. Push on. Whether it be a job, friends, loves, or just your own life. It always starts in a small wind. Ignore it long enough and it becomes a hurricane. Its funny I feel most alive when I'm connected to water. Whether it be swimming, drinking or just floating in it gives me peace. Fire the element was the one I thought I was most lacking in. Yet I find when I have a goal, a purpose, I can do things I never thought I could like the marathon, moving away from Ogden, and writing this blog. Its weird thought the one I've been most lacking in is my spirit lately seems lost.

Stars are things that bring me home. Bring me peace. My favorite shape is a star. I've wished on them, cursed them, and why on earth am I sharing this with you? Cause I just wanted you know that. Just something to consider.

Just one of those things I was thinking of today.

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