Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Fire

A tragedy happened in my town yesterday.

Two blocks away six heroes went in to do their jobs.

One man paid the ultimate price.

Five are fighting to survive.

There are those who say

A dark cloud has moved in.

Changed this town.

Changed this place.

But I do not believe them.

This is a town of friendships.

Neighbors who look after neighbors.

Who mourn with those who mourn.

We are the Junction City.

A combination of all cultures, race and creed.

Today we will honor those who protect our city.

Who protect us.

This tragedy will not define my town.

I will not let it.

But tonight I will extinguish my lights.

And light my one candle.

To be a beacon of light.

Help that hero home.

To show support to his family.

Cause that's what we do.

We support each other.

Care for each other.

And dare I say it?

Love each other.

(In memoriam for Agent Jared Francom. Ogden officer who lost his life last night. For those other five officers my prayers are with you.)

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  1. oh Blake that was beautiful! I may have to share on facebook! I LOVE OGDEN!!!! It is so sad!