Sunday, January 8, 2012

New York


It was one of those weekends.

I'm in a war at the moment. I need to run. I need to move my fat body. Yet something sugary and sweet pops up and a terrible customer freaks out and I suddenly have this huge urge to eat my feelings.

Yes you heard me right. Eat my feelings.

Terrible I know.

Yet there is hope in this swirling hole of soda, mocha chillers, and guilt.

The Ironman Princess (aka my sister) is going to train with me for the two half marathons I have coming up. I know realize she is going to make me cry but strangely the fat that lives around my stomach is okay with it.

Because like all of you I need to fix myself.

I need to lift myself out this circle of desperation and eating my feelings. To see myself as who as I am and be okay with it. Since I've been big on list this year (aka the last 8 days) here are the things I feel I need in order to succeed.

1. Not to let myself be discouraged. Life takes work.

2. Be social. Stop coming home and wallowing on the couch.

3. Pain is part of life. Deal with it. Be careful and stretch. Go slow.

4. Coke and Mocha Chillers are not your friends. They may dance all cute and seductive at first but in reality they just make you a junkie.

5. Eat well. Sleep well. Eating your feelings is a sign that there is something wrong.

6. Avoid burn out. AKA say no. Say it loud enough for everybody to know.

7. It always sucks to start but it hurts worst to quit.

8. Know that you are worth it. Give yourself away.

9. Tell EVERYONE what you are doing. Tell them that if they love you they won't force you to have brownies.

10. Drink Water.

So there you go. My list for training in 2012.

Your welcome.

and again I'm sorry for the abuse I did to the ice cream this weekend. But in my defense it had it coming.

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  1. You can do it Blake! You are ALWAYS welcome to come to classes with me at the gym! I usually go at nights. You can do it! You have already done a MARATHON! Do you even know how amazing that is? I don't even like driving 26.2 miles in a car let alone run! You are amazing and I know you can do it! XOXO