Monday, August 29, 2011

Ghetto Superstar

Mary Katherine Gallagher once said that are two types of people in the world those who merely dip their toes in the waters of a swimming pool slowly getting in acclimating themselves to the cold and then there is the other type who merely stand on the end of the pool and jump dealing with the freezing consequence later. I have made this my life philosophy looking for people who look at life from all different angles. Cause I have found that I need a mixture of both, people who use caution who allow me to sample life with restraint and forethought to the future.

But I need wild and crazy too. Cause if I am too cautious, too focused on living for tomorrow instead of today I end up bluntly constipated in my life. Backed up in emotional and thrilling moments and need those people to push me in the pool. Clear me out if you will.

What this means is that I need to make some friends. Apparently I'm lonely. I didn't realize this till yesterday when I finally officially breached the single ward barrier. (FYI Single Wards is what my church does to all the people who aren't married between the ages of 18-30 if you aren't married by 30 they consider you a lost cause and throw you back into a family ward. Its suppose to make us feel "special").

I'm not looking to get married but I am looking for some people who like to dip their toes in the water and those who like to throw themselves whole heartily in the deep end. Cause everybody could use a friend no?

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  1. In 2 weeks I'll officially be old enough to be "put out to pasture" in the family ward... Good luck with the single's ward thing :)