Monday, August 22, 2011

Mute to the Sound of Silence

On this season of Blake got Fat...

(Read the next sentences like the guy from the previews at the movies)

He's made you laugh, He's made you cry and now he's moving up in life?

End of preview.

I've decided to treat my blog like a TV series. I take three months off and I'm ready again to write again. Here's what you've missed so far. I worked. and worked. Worked. Oh did I mention I worked. Went to The Sea Ranch in Gulala California. Then worked again. Got promoted. Still worked. Work. Workity. Worked. See wasn't that entertaining? I thought so.

Oh where do I work you ask?

I am the front desk tech coordinator for the Mammography department. Yup. You heard me. Mammography. I have a great boob job you could say. Its where I plan on meeting my eternally young cougar and marry her and never have to work again! See I've got priorities. But seriously why mammography? Cause I'm the biggest prostitute when it comes to money. I go where the money goes. That and being a room service server/phone operator/expeditor (the one who puts the room service trays together) / dishwasher was becoming one job too many.

So I switched. But in order to keep my benefits I had to work between the two departments. So I started working 50 to 60 hour weeks. So fun. Not. But working so much did give me a benefit. I got a new car! YAY! But more of that tomorrow.

I'm back for good. I promise.