Friday, August 26, 2011


(I'm being haunted by my ironing is the theme of this picture)

Sorry for not posting yesterday but I was having a domestic day. I woke up at 9:30 lounged around my apartment for a few moments (aka watched 2 episodes of Grey's I forgot how good it use to be!) and ironed. Then I had a great lunch with Grandma Dar and my mother and went to Target. After spending some quality time looking around (it was so hot I didn't want to go near anything that had to deal with that awful heat. Did I mention I hate August?) had to buy new tires for Bertie and then went to the mothers for something important but I can't remember what and then went home.

Washed Bertie. Treated the soft top so it will stay in great condition and then went to the 7-11 where I got me a big ol' slurpee. Its Blue Raspberry/ Pina Colda month at the 7-11. In case you were wondering those are my favorite flavors. Watched the Bomb in the Chest episode of Grey's will be dedicating a separate post to that later.

Which leads me to the really exciting moment I had this morning. My power went out last night. AKA my alarm went to battery powered and it being in the unhearable range made me really late for work this morning. Love that when that happens. So today I look oh so pretty. Not really but lets pretend shall we? Cause there is nothing I love more than a morning heart attack to get me started in the morning. Oh. I love Fridays.

Anyway hope y'all are having a "great" morning. Oh and I'm bored of being in Ogden and ready to travel somewhere fun. Anybody know where I should go? Who I can stay with?

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