Wednesday, August 24, 2011

By the Sea

(Me and my Chacos. at the beach in Gulala sounds like kola California.)

Have you ever had those mornings when you get dressed and you look at yourself in the mirror and go this isn't going to work. In fact this outfit is absolutely and completely wrong but you look at the clock and go IEEEE! LATE! I'M LATE! SO LATE! No?Maybe its just me then.

Its moments like those that you know that you should go back to bed crawl under the covers call work stating that you need a personal mental health day. Oh what I would give for a mental health day. I'd sleep in, wake up go lounge by the pool and when I was done feeling like a baked potato I would go and sit in the darkness of the movie theater with a small bucket of pop corn and a catch up on all the picture shows that I have missed out on for the last couple of months.

What a nice dream.

Too bad I'll be wasting it at work.

But isn't that how life goes?

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