Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's These Quiet Times

I realize now after the fact that I have a serious problem. I thought that after I had worked the 12 steps gone to meetings and been clean for four months and gotten my chip of soberity that this would never be a problem again.

But I was wrong.

To understand my Coke addiction you have to understand my background. I was brought up in a home where pop (soda, soda pop, fizzy beverages etc) just wasn't consumed. It's not that my mother had a deep strong adverson to soda its just that we just never bought it. But on the weekends? The weekends were glorious dear friends.

My father made the weekends be full of adventures and explorations of new cultures. We went to fairs, mini horse shows, remote controlled car shows, air shows, (we went to a lot of shows now that I think about it) , the bike shop, minture train shows, hikes, bike rides, and just laying on the couch watching the Tour De France. (A strong viewer since 1984). But how does relate to my coke addiction?

Who knows all I know is that I have a problem. And I need help. What this has to do with anything who knows?

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  1. I was a serious long time coke addict, and I did a step down sort of thing. I started drinking caffeine free coke (not diet, "diet" ruins everything wonderful). It helped because part of the problem with quitting was quitting the caffeine. by drinking the non caf stuff, I could still get that sweet taste that I craved, but without the stimulants. After that it wasn't so bad to stop drinking soda altogether.
    good luck. Changing habits are always hard, but worth it if it improves your life or health.