Friday, September 2, 2011

All I Wanted Was the Dream

It's Friday Friday Friday getting down on Friday!

Sorry but thanks to Rebecca Black I know have a song to listen to every Friday morning when I get up for work. Now that I have a "grown up" job (by grown up job I mean 4 10 hour shifts and I get to wear big boy clothes now) I have a lot of free time between patients. Normally that means I have a lot of time to do the little odds and ends that keeps the department on schedule. But when Friday rolls around everything is pretty much done and ready for the next week. Normally I strive to find things to do or people to talk to. But lately I have fallen prey to the horrors of online shopping lust. Yes you heard me lust.

Lusty item number 1 (which is how I would describe myself on a dating website.)

A Jorge cover.

(Jorge being my Kitchen Aid mixer who has separation issues.)

Lusty item number 2:

A weekend trip to the Biggest Loser ranch in Snowflake Utah.

(Cause me and my big behind need to have separation issues.)

Lusty item number 3:

A cool i-pad to do i-pad like things.

(cause I've always wanted an i-phone that doesn't fit in my pants)

Lusty item number four:

A weekend in New York.

(I gotta go see some shows, do some shopping, and be SEEN y'all)

Lusty item number five:

Cause its like Mambo number 5 only better (a little bit of Erica in my life a little bit of so so all night long...can't remember the lyrics but hey! pretty good for a 11 year old song no?)

I would lust to have a chance to go visit my peeps in Alabama, Florida, Boston, and anywhere anybody wanted to have me.

So there ya have it. My lust list of Friday.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Y'all come back on Tuesday you hear?

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