Friday, July 23, 2010

My Shameful Secret...

My shame.

My Horror.

My goodness there are a lot of sour watermelons you can eat before you get a kanker!

But back to the wailing.

My Mexican coke.

My sweet Mexican Coke how I have fallen for you like a crack whore falls for her first line right after senior prom.

In the sexy bottle in which I now place all over my apartment like a dog marking his territory. Sending the message to all the Pepsi bottles in the complex that this and always will be a Coke household.

I used to be a plastic bottle of Coke kinda guy. Nice and frothy put on shaved ice. Look a Coke Snow Cone! I! am Genius! Then while reading my trusty GQ magazine they had a small article about this wonderful product from Mexico. It was Coke! But made with Real Sugar . None of that fake corn syrup. How do I like my corn? On a cobb. With lots of butter no salt. But Not in my drink thanks.

Anyway how does this relate to the wailing and sour patch watermelons? Well dear friends it has been in the 100's and 90's the past two weeks. Which is fine right? WRONG! With the dark void of darkness that is my job I wake up at the lovely hour of 4 am. To be at work at 5. Which is fine! YAY PAYCHECK!


Back to Mexican Coke and my wailing.

I just realized that I drank the last bottle.

And don't have money to buy more.

That and I haven't been running in two weeks.

Thus I am very cranky.

And waily.


But it happens!


  1. Whoa! When did you start blogging again? I guess I am out of the loop. Mexican interesting concept! My go to summer snack involves freezing just about any form of fruit I can come up with. Frozen cherries are divine, grapes provide a nice cool texture, and frozen bananas blended with a little milk and a touch of chocolate syrup can almost trick me into thinking I am eating a real ice cream shake. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

  2. Blake! I just found your blog! Reading it makes me miss you! Hope all is well!

  3. Question: Don't they have throwback Coke like with the Mountain Dew? Here in the states? I know that stuff is made with sugar.. good luck.