Friday, July 16, 2010

Its Getting Hot in Here..

Oh summer. How we love you after nine months of glorious frozen snow and roads impassible except for those featured in a GM truck comerical. (Or Ford or Toyota. Pick your flavor it doesn't matter to me.) As soon as your warmth hits us is when citizens of northern Utah rejoice. For about the first two months.




With 100 degree temptures.

Just in case you were wondering I am not a fan of the 100 degree temps. Sweating? is bad enough when I eat but to do it all the time? seriously annoying. I wish I was rich enough to afford to run my air conditioning all the time. But sadly thats reserved for those moments when I stick my head in the freezer hoping that I can get hypothermia. Which in the summer sounds so blissful.

Anyway I digress. So today I shall spend it visiting all of my favorite cool drink emphoriams getting drunk off of Mexican Coke and laying out in the pool at Grandma Dars.

Ah summer heat.

How I loathe you.

Yet love you all at the same time.

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