Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The One Where Blake Gets a Hair Cut

Its day two and surprisingly I haven’t had a diva moment. It’s taking a minute to wrap my head around the fact that gluten may not be evil and legumes won’t make me cry. I just wanted to scream to everybody today that I was trying something new (I’m avoiding the word diet) and I’m sorry if I come across as a jerk. So to the random lady that I pointed to the wrong office I’m really sorry because I was really hungry and I had my LARAbar unwrapped and about to pop it in my mouth when you walked on by asking where Dr. so and so was and even though his name was in huge letters. I’m sorry. It’s not you it’s me.

It’s hard sometimes.

I got my hair cut today. It looks somewhat better. One of my chins is becoming more visible. I’m ready for something new so I view these next 145 days as a transformation process. What’s funny is whenever I get my hair cut I always look at the mirror hoping that I’ll see some magical progress where I’m 20 pounds thinner. It hasn't happened yet but I’m hopeful. What’s hard about getting your hair cut is that after you get it styled just so you want to snap as many selfies as possible because it’s the last time your hair is going to actually look that good till you go back in 6-8 weeks.
Last time I got it cut for a blessed event I ended up looking like a fat Dorothy Hamill. If I was ever in those whose hair is this segment in US magazine you would be like is that Dorothy Hammill? Wait no cause she only has one chin…


I could do better than that but it’s late and I’m tired.
I have to go put on my curlers and cold cream and try to go out and get some sleep.

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