Thursday, November 28, 2013

You Don't Know the Half of it Blues

I hope you had a great holiday yesterday. I think my fat pants exploded. I'm so grateful for my Aunt Pam, my mom, my Aunt Jill and my Aunt Gail (who did a very nice job on the table)  for making it a wonderful thanksgiving! So in the spirit of things lets me get to some exciting news shall we?

I have some very exciting news! I've been sitting on this for a while but it's come to the point that I have to share with you all.

I'm pregnant.

With a food baby. 

Named Festus. I named him Festus because there were so many festive and not so festive occasions that created him.  He's due in March. So I just wanted to share him with y'all.

Please be kind he's very sensitive and I'm working on getting ready to release him in the world.

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