Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Not Easy

Just a little note,

This is one of my favorite songs.

The other day I was sitting at lunch with my co-workers and they were kibitzing about their husbands about the various things they were unhappy with. Since all I have in my life at the moment is a a mixer in love with the toaster the love life of Blake has been rather dry at the moment, no wait a moment there's Festus now so things are looking up. I sat there listening to these complaints and I thought you know it's not easy to be married to someone different but it's not easy to find some one who cares but oh how nice it must be sometimes. Thanksgiving afternoon,  I was sitting there in my Grandma Dar's Kitchen sitting with my Grandma who was dozing on my shoulder and I thought this is what life is about having someone who don't always have to have a conversation with but you can hold their hand and I sat there seeing what the love of my Grandparents created. A family they together worked as a team and they argued and agreed with each other and it wasn't easy to share someone's else dream but as my Grandma slept it made sense for me what we are really here for.  Not to have material possessions but to just have someone by your side . Someone who cares for you and say those magic words I'm sorry. I get it now. It's not easy.

Yet it's a lot easier when you have someone at your side.

So yes it might not be easy but oh how lucky people are to have someone at that level. So do me a favor at the start of this Christmas Season treasure your relationships with your family, your friends, and if you are married take a moment to just say thanks. Thank them for being in your life. It's so easy to do. Thank them when things get hard. Thank them for making things easier. Thank them for being in your life. As the stress mounts this season just remember it's not easy to find some one who cares.

So say it. Say thanks.

You'll find its Easy.



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