Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love at the Five and Dime

Oh boy.

Goodness you think I died or something about the lack of post. Well deary ducks I went off to live my life a little bit and now since I"m broke and work is getting busy its time to fill you in on where and what I have been doing.

So lets start with races shall we?

I did the Striders Half, The Big Sur 21 miler, The Ogden Half, and The Brigham City half. I found the most amazing running pal Kaityln who helped me in so many ways this racing season! The high light was the Big Sur 21 miler, but that's another post for another day.

Then I decided after I hung up my shoes it was time to travel. So I went to Sea Ranch California, St. George then off to Monterey CA, St. George again to cheer the Princess during the half iron man, St. Louis MO, then to Maui HI, then off to Durango Colorado, and then back to San Francisco. It was gloriously fun but then you start longing for home so I'm home for little while. I have the messy house and laundry to prove I went somewhere.

After two years of being the face of mammography I've decided to become an ASL interpreter  (American Sign Language) I have a terrible time with other languages. In high school I passed Spanish by providing the ice cream to the various class fiestas and  also learned about how to brokerage back room deals.

So I have lots pictures, lots of new characters to introduce and of course more kibitzing about how on earth I got so fat.

Its going to be a wonderful Sept.



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