Friday, July 20, 2012

An Absence of Light

There should be more light in the world.

Darkness seems to creep around us.

Gets inside our bones.

Roosts in our joints.

When the darkness falls.

When the lights fade.

Who do we become?

What do we see?

Light is created from pure energy.

It illuminates the human body on all levels.

From the cells.

To the deep wells of our emotions,

We respond to light.

But what of darkness?

What of the absence of light?

From youth we fear the darkness. The space of unknowing.

The spot of where our most sinful desires are born.

It seems the darkness of souls has come forward.

Where there was once was a white spot (white for the color created from all color) has become grey.


The battle ground of white and black (the light and the darkness) fighting together.

Neither wining. Each diminished by the other.

I'm tired of living in grey.

I'm tired of living in the black.

I'm seeking for light.

I can't change the world.

But I can change me.

I can focus on making the world a brighter place.


I must.

What choice do I have?

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