Thursday, July 12, 2012


I loved this book. I love all books but this one won my book of the summer prize. Every summer I usually have a book or series that has entertained me or enlightened me in some way. So I came up with Book of the Summer prize and I write in them how old I was why I loved the book, etc.

Past book of the summer prizes have gone to The Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, the The Hunger Games, and the discovery of witches, the poison wood bible, Bitter is the New Black and many others. So with great excitement comes The Fault In Ou Stars by John Green.

Sixteen year old girl with terminal cancer falls in love with a boy from therapy group. It sounds sad but it's truly funny but also makes you glad you picked it up.

It's a oh my gosh I gotta share this boo kinda book. So there ya go Book of Summer 2012.

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