Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of the Luly! It's jut how we say it.

(Amy I had to steal your post title. It was too good to pass up.)

I have a new mantra. Its true. I'm not one of those people who carries one around. I collect them. Some fulfill their purpose in certain moments like Go! Diego! Go! only works for me for running long distances. Muttering it to myself at work would only invite awkward glances and the eye avoidance game. Not familiar with the eye avoidance game? Its really simple you stare at someone being awkward and then when they look at you then you glance away real fast. Try it. Super fun. Not.

Anyway back to the life mantra in which I have discovered here it is

" I am not the only one failing to live up to my ludicrous expectations of myself; we all are. So maybe we should all just relax."- Lisa Wolfe writer (Words to Live by O magazine 86)

Lisa has it all figured out. To mean this means it is time for me to delete the unrealistic pintrest boards of the perfect body, toss out the runner's world articles on how to drop my running time, burn the recipe card of time consuming and expensive recipes I'll never try, and to be okay with wee bit of clutter (oh lets be honest its more like Blake the pre hoarder years around here) and the clothes that I bought but secretly hate.

In my mind I thought if I consumed all and created this perfect person in my mind and that some how live up to the perfect person ideal I created inside of my head. I refuse now to berate myself for enjoying a moment on my couch. I worked damn hard for the couch and I'm going to enjoy it. If I on my runs find myself short a mile and I've given it all I'm not going to get all flustered cause I ran 9 miles instead of ten. I will enjoy the time that I spend with friends instead of focusing on the dumb phone call that I didn't get to at work. When I'm at church I will no longer let those who missionary experiences/ dating/ look at me I'm the perfect Mormon instead I shall tell the person he's dating that he has herpes. I won't. But I'll think it and laugh a little.

In this spirit of the independence of our country I'm declaring mine. I am from now on focusing on the life of Liberty,Life, and the pursuit of happiness. My happiness coming from what I have accomplished not my "If Only's". If somebody tries to rob me of my happiness, belittle me  or just be a meanie head I shall call them out on it and then say thank you for your opinion and the committee and I shall take it under consideration (I being the committee of course) and get back to you. Then 5 seconds later come back and say the judges and I voted and your mean comment shall not get a rose, shall not be the next top model, but it does qualify you to be a biggest loser and I don't mean weight.

I'd rather spend my life grateful for the things that has given me. When I forget what I have been given I shall take my notebook out and write my blessings and beside it write Thank God. Every time I think that what I have is my own creation I shall try to humble myself and go no wait. Wait a minute all my talents belong to the one created me. I am constantly humbled that God who created the world also created me. If I ever forget this I hope he humbles me enough for me to remember it.

In essence I'm going to try to LIVE my life instead of enduring it. I'm going to paint with all the colors of the wind dang it!

So I'm declaring my independence. Hope you will join me!


  1. You are awesome just the way you are Blake! You are the best!

  2. I love you Blake! Go paint with all the colors of the wind! (you crack me up) And it will always be forth of luly to us, won't it! I love that the committee will take it under consideration, that cracked me up! We need a pool party day soon. My boys are up swimming right now and I am stuck at home with the baby! But lets plan something soon! We need to catch up, even Princess Emily needs to make it!