Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Wonder How You Are

The Beach. 

By Blake. 

Age 28. 

Today I had one of those scary moments that happen when you get close to senior citizen status. I wandered on down memory lane. See the other day I may or may not have overdosed on the caffeine (Oh Birthday week you did me wrong) and was so hyper that I felt like running a marathon and cleaning my house. Since it was 11:30 at night and no one was answering their phones. Rude. I decided to self medicate. Or as I like to describe it a  Marilyn moment. 

So with the with all the uppers and downers in my system I literally checked out. So ready to go on my pseudo acid trip? 

With no one answering the phone and me tripped out I whipped out my note book and wrote down all sorts of randoms things. The first three pages went like this " why do they call them pints? They should call them little boxes of happiness coated in sunshine with words like ice cream and sunshine! Sunshine ice cream! that would be a great flavor! Wait but would that make people think of yellow snow? That would be gross. Yellow snow ice cream. You know who I like? Who? Me! Oh you are so sweet left side brain! Thanks right side brain!"  and so it goes for another page and a half. 

Then I did a dangerous thing. I started writing down all the things I've accomplished in the last ten years. When I was eighteen years old I had just graduated from high school and getting ready to go on a LDS mission. So I decided to write down all the things that I've done that I felt noteworthy. This is the part where you can tune out and come back for the comedic ending. Its okay. I don't mind. Since I don't have kids this is my only outlet to brag a little bit. 

1. I went on a mission to O HI O! 
2. After that fun little adventure I finally had the guts to move out of Ogden and went to Utah State. In Logan. 
3. Worked as Aggie Ice Cream Dairy Lab assistant/Scooper/Sexy guy in a hair net and boots. 
4. Got a job as a Resident Assistant for two years worked with some of the most amazing people residents and co-workers included (holla!) for two years! 
5. I moved 11 times in four years. 
6. I graduated from college! It got me a great job serving food! (What does an English degree get you from USU? A chance to serve food.) 
7. Moved out of my parents house officially. Yes that meant both my summer and winter wardrobe live together again. 
8. Ran a half marathon. 
9. Ran  a full marathon. 
10. Got a new job as the Front Desk job for Mammography. 
11. Sold off the Honda and bought Bertie! 
12. Ran three half marathons in 3 months. 
13. Gained and lost 60 pounds. Gained 30. cried. working on it again. Whoops. 
14. Went on some amazing trips, Alabama, Florida, South and North Carolina, Disneyland, Sacramento, The Sea Ranch, Sun Valley, Sacramento again, Santa Cruz,Hawaii, and now trying to go to Boston. 
15.  Made some amazing friends. 
16. Learned to knit. 
17. Started writing this blog. 
18. Started thinking about getting married. 

So there you have it the 18 things I have learned in the last ten years. After my hyperactive list writing I found myself tangled in the sheets muttering to myself I was so skinny! I was so skinny! 

This kids is why you don't do drugs. 

Listen to Nancy Regan. Just say no. 

(This message is brought to you by the don't write stupid post while high on uppers and downers.) 

Seriously. don't do it. 

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  1. lol! Blake you made my day! You have done amazing accomplishments! I still remember your sweetness and how kind you were to everyone! May you accomplish more in the years to come :)Yuria