Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wake Up



Hi. Sorry I've been gone for a little while. I've been on mission farewell duty. Spending as much time with the little Nip till he shouted "Enough Enough!" and I left him alone. Cause tomorrow morning (Well today for most of you who will be reading this or screening this on Wend.) we are shipping the Little nip from the safe harbors of home and off on his own wild adventure in Texas for the next two years.

(For those of you just tuning in The Little Nip is serving an preaching mission for our church AKA MORMONS, LDS or The big long title The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints want to learn more? Go to

So tonight we waked him. Long ago before funeral parlors family members would sit around the deceased and have a big ole party before the body was buried. Well now days on the night the missionary leaves everybody comes over and sits and talks and then they all go home. It's quite fun.

Then come the tear works.

I'm not very strong at good byes.

More tomorrow.

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