Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stronger than Yesterday

Well I did it.

I got the ugly cry over with. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ugly cry its just as bad as it sounds. Its the ugly red eye snot dripping whoo whoo sound that comes out of your mouth when you are trying to breathe and its truly awful. It doesn't come often but when it does its best to just leave the person alone for a moment and let them get somewhat decent. Or just wear really big Ray Ban sunglasses. What ever you prefer.

Now that my life has gotten back to its usually scheduled programing I'm rather bored. There is no more parties and people stopping by. Its just a big ole' batch of quiet around here. Hence the goal for January read one smart book. So I decided to go with Oprah's choice of Tale of Two Cities. Why? Cause I figured if I'm confused there's about a million people in the same boat. Also she's got some great info on her page about the characters and breakdown of the novel. So I figured why not make myself smarter hum?

Care to join me?

If you are bored too and need some spark call me, text me, or send a carrier pigeon. I'm not picky.

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