Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sometimes Life Doesn't Break Even

Look at Momma Joye stuffing that turkey. I gotta say those glasses were a steal in 1972 and they are still being put to good use! So I was thinking to myself today at work. What are my new years resolutions. But I couldn't get myself movatied to write the same things that I say every year. Work on world peace and learn how to yodel play the banjo and tap dance! All at the same time! I tell ya I'd be a big hit at the ward talent shows.

So I started doing some reflection on what I've accomplished in 2010.

1. I retired from ice cream. Ten years of scooping, producing, and writing about ice cream it was time for me to get a break. YAY! My scoops are hung up to dry and I don't miss them.

2. I moved out on my own! All by myself and I put the Swedish couch from hell together with no help. I am now in charge of my own life which is such a scary but nice feeling all at the same time.

3. I ran a half marathon and I actually did a great time and found that I the rather obtuse one can run. Not super fast but still. Who knew?

4. This was a year of first. I traveled all over this great country of ours. I started with Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming,South Carolina, California (Disneyland gotta love it.), St George, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. This year is its New York, Boston, Texas, Florida, and Alabama (? this one is still up in the air), Monterey ( just want to rent a convertible and drive up the 101 anybody want to go with me?) and anywhere where people want to host me.

5. I watched some amazing television.Granted it was on DVD but I was impressed.

So this is my list of aha! moments.

Next up goals.

For 2011.


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