Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hate On Me

(This is what happens when you eat too much sugar. Just a Warning)

I am declaring a strike. For Fat people everywhere. We are going to stick it to all the skinny people. Make them wear fat suits and see how fast they can jog up the stairs. When I started this rant I really wanted skinny people to understand what it is like to be rather large and in charge but then I realized something.

I want the skinny people to just shut up.

Have you ever heard them talking? Its all about how much they can lift, where they worked out, how they feel fat for eating two M&Ms. Then they stare at you like "well if we can do it whats the matter with you?"

I'm going to start intruding into those conversations. With comments like I ate four Almond Joys watched the Biggest Loser and passed out. Lets see you do that skinny bean.

So strike today!

We can do it!


  1. This made me laugh, A LOT. You crack me right up. AND halloween made me a little more bootylicious myself. so is it ok if I make a sorry attempt to run the track at the glamorous fieldhouse?