Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going to the Chapel..

When the Princess and I were little this was one of our favorite movies. Every weekend that this movie was out in theaters we would beg our dad to go see it. (Don't ask me I was 7 we all go through phases. ) Then it came out on video and we begged to get it. We watched it over and over again. Why?

Perhaps it was Martian Short in his classic almost award winning award wining performance as Fronk the wedding planner. (Fwather of the Bwide? anyone? No? Perhaps it was just me then.) Or the classic scene in which Steve Martin freaks over the ratio of hot dog buns versus hot dogs. When I had throw my own BBQ I realized this is a serious dilemma for the ages but that is a blog post for another time. It was on the 220th viewing that I was forced into a marriage that lasted until 2003 when it was ended when my wife picked another husband. (Hi April! Alimony check in the mail! Promise!)

Then today something wonderful happened.

A real wedding.

In our family.

This time its one of us getting married and not a parent. (YAY for Divorce! You get to watch your parents date and marry and realize its not so easy!)

But its not me.


The Princess and Joe are now officially engaged.

About time.


  1. haha! I ran over to your blog to see if your facebook status meant YOU were getting married...I think you did that on purpose. How Rude! :D jk

  2. CONGRATS EMILY AND JOE! can't wait for the wedding, I haven't heard, have they set a date? I thought I heard something about summer? YAY can't wait.