Tuesday, September 13, 2016

And I'm Like Forget You.

I went to the desert. 

I went to the desert to complete an item on my bucket list. I went to go see Adele sing live. I'm not a concert person but this is one of the people I would spend the money on to go see live. 

Of course she canceled. 

Of course. 

So I spent three days in the dry heat in the land of the pretty and pulled. Some people were so pulled and stretched they looked like quilts. 

It had been a long time since I've gone on a trip to a town where no one knows me. I was truly alone. 

Sometimes you need to be alone with yourself to have a conversation of where you are going and what your goals are. So I wrote out a couple of things that I wanted to focus on. 

1. Stop adding emotional attachments to food. Eliminating words like "Cheat, Reward, Pleasure" etc. Food should not be an erotic fetish but rather a means of energy and creation. Creation in the sense of exploring and creating new recipes that full-fill instead of process. 

2. Unplug from the stress. Like yesterday. As I've left my 20's I've realized that my books have changed from fiction to the Self Help section. I call it Still Screwed Up in my 30's please advise or Jesus Take the Wheel!  I mean I've been Tidying Up, becoming a Love warrior, Suze Orzman and I are best friends, and just because I needed some inspiration Eat Pray Love. Or in my case I ate too much, don't pray enough, and love is a battlefield. 

3. The Gym is not the enemy. You can always quit tomorrow. 

4. Learn to love yourself even when the scale is a lying son of b!tch who keeps on being all yeah no you haven't lost much but thanks for trying. He's so mean. If you drive by my Apt one day and you see the scale flying out the window just know it's me. One of my fantasies is to take a sledge hammer and beat that sucker till it's just a scrap of plastic parts which I'll recycle cause it needs new life in the karma cycle. 

5. Write more. Share more.  This post once a month business is just rude to your followers. 

It's Tuesday and I realized that it's almost been two months since I've started this journey. So close to the 260's that I can almost see it on the horizon. (2 pounds away!) 

So there's that. 

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