Saturday, September 24, 2016

All the Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up

 As a single person who is in his thirties trying to lose weight I find myself rarely having time to just have a guy’s night in. Since I’ve been taking a timeout on the whole find the eternal companion love of my life dating scene this one night in is the one day of the week that I can eat whatever I want (Chinese or Tony’s), wear whatever I want (Lulu lemon pants and a big triple xxl large sweatshirt) and watch Netflix. Trust me as a single person this is the holy grail of weekends. We spend all day doing laundry, cleaning, going to the grocery store, and getting gas by the time we get home all we want is some uninterrupted television and/or reading (and not the serious intellectual books you always list either. Think People Magazine.) time.

 This Saturday night I found myself in the usual outfit, on the same spot on my couch and having the usual sweet and sour chicken dinner meal when I found myself looking at my food going is this it? Is this the reward that I have gone to the gym for all week? It made me perplexed and wondering why do we add such an emotional attachment to food? Mainly why is it when I call down to Eastern Winds the woman on the other end go you want sweet and sour or chicken chow mein? I found myself in single guy’s night ennui.

I didn’t’ even have anyone to call. With all my friends married and/or in committed relationships I realized I was now the token single male friend that people didn’t know what to do with. Have my friends out grown me? Have I become JNCO jeans and white sunglasses in my friend’s closets? Or even worse frosted bleach hair tips? 

Suddenly the sweet and sour chicken didn’t taste that wonderful. The large coke suddenly tasted overly sweet and syrupy. Was this how I want to spend the rest of life and/or weekends? Worse was I using these food choices as some weird coping method? Throwing the meal away(I’m sorry but we all know day old Chinese food is the one night stand gone bad.) I sat down to write this post.

Have I ruined single guy’s night in? Also where does a thirty plus year old go to make new friends? Also why is it friend making harder to do than dating? With dates you know that if it's a complete disaster you don't have to tell anyone and you can pretend the whole thing  never happened. With exploring new friendships you put more effort into it. Am I wearing the right clothes do I have the right conversation pieces stored away? You find yourself rehearsing how to talk to them so you don't come off as if you are trying too hard. You don't want to be the guy that is trying too hard. You almost want to give them a note with two boxes marked do you like me? yes or no? 

It is these questions that have made me create single guy's night in to begin with. A night free of all this pressure. 

Anybody have any advice for a thirty plus year old person looking for friends? 

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