Saturday, October 8, 2011

With or With Out You

Today my sister is going to die.

But she will come back.

Hopefully. At 7:00 am Hawaiian time she will start on final leg of her extraordinary journey. The Ironman Championship. This experience (I can't call it a race because its more than that its a total immersion of body mind and soul.) is something she has been training for her whole entire life. She is ready. She is strong. She is dedicated. And Lord help Joey (her husband) with the aftercare.

Anyone can train for an Ironman (at this time I'm lounging in my bathrobe dealing with a carb hangover) but it takes someone special to do Kona. Kona is reserved for the champions. Only those who have won one before can do it.

And she won. In St George. In her own state on one of the hottest spring days with the red rocks behind her.

This time it will be different. Like all champions she will have to do it alone. Joey will be the only one to cheer her on. There will be no family, no friends, she will have to dig deep within herself to push on. She will have to surrender herself to all of her focus, dedication, and effort.

There are moments that you know will change your life. Change your perception completely on how you view the world. Life pre Iron man and post Iron man. She will give herself away in order to gain something more.

But she can do it. Today I can only send prayers, thoughts, and light in her direction.

To her I can only say this is your moment.

Do or Do not.

There is no try.

But she already knew that.

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