Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

This week I thought I would be festive and give you how I'm having a holly jolly Christmas liquor and Java Chip Free Christmas.

Let me set up a festive Christmas picture for you boys and girls at home. Picture me holding a big ol cup of peppermint tea and stringing 9.oo dollar saran wrap around my windows. Try to read Spanish directions. Realize that I should have paid better attention in high school spainish. Realize that I will not be fluent in spainish in 15 minutes proceed to sing Juan Paco Cinco de lamar (yes I can spell Spainish. Speak it? Well I can order you an omlet with cheese.) and attack windows with blow dryer. Cry as saran wrap stays in place. Realize I have tape in drawer. Cause tape will solve all problems. Put tape over saran wrap then blow dry. One tease out later windows now have another layer! YAY!

I think I'm ready for spring.

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