Sunday, December 12, 2010

Constantly in the Darkness

On a back of piece of paper lies the map of my life. Written seven years ago I find that I never planned past the age of 25. Which surprises me cause what did I expect to happen after 25? Was I suppose to die or something? Or just reach the high level of life fulfillment?

I realize that life never gives us what we want. Or what we think we deserve. Yet it gives us wonderful moments that fill us up when we least expect them. I realize as the months wind down what will I do with my 27th year? I hear that towards the end of your twenties your life calms down. I'm ready for that.

I'm ready to do something. I realize that life is about doing something setting goals and reaching them. As Christmas gears up for one more round of forced gaiety. I'm linking an article from KSL about somebody who taught me a lesson. I'm not voicing much of my opinion about it because I believe that y'all are grown ups and can make up your minds but what he taught me was to stand up for what you believe in. To preserve something and to ask why do others profit and others don't.

Read it.

Don't read it.

But take courage to do something different with your life.

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