Monday, January 11, 2010


(Ten points if you can guess where the title of this blog post came from!)

This year is the year of living dangerously. Danger being defined as taking new risks and working on creating my new self. The reason why my this blog fell apart was for the simple fact that I was focused too much on a singular goal to lose weight.

But it was too small.

This time around I made the stronger goal of running a half marathon.

In Disneyland!

Why Disneyland and not some other marathon?

Well how often do you get the chance to run around Disneyland in Lyrca listening to ABBA and Lady GAGA? Yes today on Blake got Fat we are going into the realm of deep questions.

So if you are intersted and want to join me I would love to have you come along!

Sept 5th. 2010.

This blog just got a whole lot more focused.


  1. bad romance! lady gaga, ha ha dang it! I want to run that half marathon with you! how amazing would that be!? in the warm california sun. ahhhhh how wonderful what a fun goal! however until july 15th (ish) i'll be prego and can't really train for that. darn it, but maybe we'll just come and cheer you on! good luck!

  2. Ya know I really should join you. Let me think on it a minute and get motivated! Do it motivate me!