Monday, July 25, 2016

They Can't Take Away My Dignity

I'm so proud of myself. I celebrated pioneer day the way my ancestors intended me to by floating in a giant doughnut float in a pool. 

I would have posted a picture but who wants to see a big fat white kid floating in a pool wearing a yellow suit? Well you will just have to picture it because I don't  have a selfie stick and when I was trying to take the picture my chins got in the way so it didn't happen. 

Lately I've been feeling like Marla Hooch. Every one it seems is having miracle weight loss and I'm the one they  take a picture in a wide angle lense. So instead of feeling all down on myself I've put myself back into school of studying habits and myself. Sometimes all the pieces are there in the puzzle but the motivation, the drive isn't there. In times past this would be a self pitting ice cream confession and a pitiful vow to do better. 

Well I'm done with the vows, the excuses, and the feeling I HAVE to.  Have you noticed that whenever you say I HAVE to you don't do it? I've been saying that for the last month about cleaning my kitchen floor. Everyday and to every person I've talked to I've said oh I can't tonight I HAVE to clean my kitchen floor. Well it's been a month and my floor hasn't been cleaned. I finally had to to change my perspective and say I WANT to. Finally tonight I wanted to clean my floor and it got done. 

In a broader self example I've been working on WANTING to go to the gym. Once I'm there stuff gets done but getting there is always the biggest struggle. So I've been saying to myself I want to do this instead of I HAVE to do this. It hasn't been miraculous but I've been making it there so let's go with that shall we? 

So here's to hoping I can fix into my not so fat pants. 



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