Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Ballad of The Middle Child

Funny story of the day.

I was at work which is where I spend the majority of my time unless I'm in bed. As I was delivering food to patient when I ran into one of my parents long ago friends from High School. You know the type that knows you but you have no idea who they are? Yup. This is one of those friends.

As we were making casual conversation about what everybody was up to it got rather awkward. After discussing the princess completing the iron man, the nip and the momma running a marathon and my father the crazy bike rider,and my stepfather's crazy outdoor adventures. They paused and looked at me as if to say "What do you do?"

So I told them.

I lose weight.

Gained it right back.

and blog about it.

Like a normal person.


  1. Hey, so perhaps this has been on my mind a lot lately (partly from reading this blog), but I decided today to do a google search: "how to lose weight"
    I actually got a really good site first. Just interesting info there to help you. :)
    Love you Blake.

  2. Love it. I feel the same way when I go on about my family and erik's. I never know what to say... I work... thats it. ok!

  3. Love it! COngrats to your sis! That's great! I totally hate those awkward convo's.....that's why I usually avoid a nice way, but avoid non the less! :)