Saturday, May 21, 2016

The One Where Blake Stays in Bed

(It says I am an imperfect mortal being and that is enough. Like it? Buy it here. They aren't sponsoring this post I just hate it when people have cool things and then don't share where they got it.)

I had several wonderfully witty post to write today. Deeply intellectually stimulating post that would be wonderful bon mots for you use in church tomorrow. 

Alas the best I can do is I want doughnuts. 

Warm fresh glazed doughnuts with sprinkles on top. Thank goodness Krispy Kremes is not close. It's too much of a hassle with the Layton exit turn right pray the light is on and then arrive and you can't just buy one and eat two or three in the car and then fat shame yourself all the way home. 

I'm having one of those weekends where I was going to pretend to be productive but after waking up early to drive some people to the airport in the pouring rain I came home and spend some lovely time in my bed. Is there nothing better than sleeping with a window opening listening to the rain wrapped up all warm and cozy in a down comforter like a big giant Blake burrito? No there is not. There are no demands on my time today. 

While the panicky side of my brain is freaking out about the massive loads of wash that need to be done, the fridge that is in desperate need of cleaning out, the bills that need to be reviewed and checks to be written, I'm sitting here wrapped up in cocoon of happiness. Usually my Saturday mornings begin early for I live next door to a car wash and people start early cleaning their cars. Which is fine till  the mariachi music cranked up so high with the base bouncing I usually wake up to my stain glassed stars bouncing in the windows in a state of panic. 

I have the James Taylor and Joni Mitchell Live album playing and I'm just grateful to have a day where I can read a good book and just enjoy being with myself. The phone is too far away and I have an app blocking the facebook and instagram apps on my computer. So I am writing this because I am trying to focus on being present in the moment. Not focusing on what has happened in the past nor what I can't control in the future. Because that's what life is truly made of the little moments. Sometimes covered in glaze and fresh from the oven and if you have truly been a good person in the past life covered with sprinkles. 

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