Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The one where Blake has another existential crisis.

They say that when the seasons change you as a person change as well. I believe this statement to be generally true however I would apply it to the decades you go through as your age. First comes the rough and tumble teenage years where you hide away all those essential parts of your personality that makes you an individual in order to “fit in”. After being thrust forward in life to your twenties where you will spend the first half exploring who you are in the world, releasing those hidden traits and finding that it is exhausting trying to fit in to such a little square peg. So you make yourself a posse of friends from various backgrounds, and you start staying up late, making adventures, falling in deep love for the first time, and then the late part of your twenties hit. The holy shit where am I going with my life, this is what I got my degree in but I’m not happy, where do I want to work? Suddenly people are getting married because they want to not cause they have to. All the sudden the wild child is married and has two kids and no one freaks out.

Oh then you turn thirty and this is the age where you learn all the lessons from the mistakes and adventures you had in your twenties. I call it the Look at me I’ve reproduced, bought a house, ran a marathon, gotten divorced, and am fighting to get noticed in my job stage. Oh. Suddenly the I needs to show up in your dreams. I need to save for retirement, I need to travel, I need to spend more time with XYZ before they are gone, and I need to lose weight shows up. So the question lies when do you start feeling confident in your life?  Is this a product of the society that we are a part of?
Last week I was sitting in church having gotten a walk around from the single’s ward. Let me explain. When you turn thirty one they kick you out of the single’s ward sending you a letter stating basically you have two options. A. Go to the mid-level there’s a reason why you aren’t married single ward, or you can return back to the family ward where hopefully someone has a fat sister they can pawn off on you. All the sudden you’re married friends say this lovely sentence I have the perfect person for you to go out with BUT something. Usually the BUT is something that is something you can’t ignore. He has a great personality BUT he has constant gas and sounds like a car that backfires every five seconds. They mean well. Because your married friends don’t like being just the two of them since they have decided to swear lifelong fidelity to each other they need someone else to date. Otherwise they are forced to deal with each other. No they aren’t looking to add someone else this isn’t Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. So you endure these blind dates, these I mean well set ups because well there’s only so many times you can flick through the Netflix queue and realize you are wearing the I give up sweats and eating a pint of ice cream. *I only know this for the sake of research or as I like to call it every Saturday night*

I’m trying to figure out how do you deal with the boredom of your thirties? You aren’t broke poor like your twenties, you are still saddled with a great load of debt from your free loving twenties (by free loving I mean those lovely student loans) and the idea of staying in hostel no longer sounds romantic but rather dirty and gross. You may be poor but you’ve upgraded to a better mattress and you clean your sheets every week now why would you want to sleep on sheets left on a bed from the Nixon administration? Plus staying up past ten at night deserves an award. Basically if you can get me out of my house past 9 there better be ice cream or fried foods available. 

So what I’m trying to ask is how do you capture the essence of your twenties in your thirties?  With earlier curfews of course.  Is your thirties your last shot on doing those dreams you told yourself that you would do in your twenties? 

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