Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The One Where Blake Gets Moody

It was on Day Three that I began to get rather bothered by other people’s presence no wait I would like to clarify it was the day that everything and everyone began to bother me. I feel like a hormonal teenager annoyed at the very questions directed towards me. “Where’s the bathroom?” one woman had asked me and though I had been courteous and pointed her in the right direction my crazy brain went “Ugh as if! Can’t you read?” as the day has progressed I find myself even annoyed with my presence.  It is as if I have way too many emotions mainly I feel like the sugar part of my brain has hijacked the control tower and is throwing a tantrum of epic proportions or like my sister after 4 ½ days at Disneyland. As my body moves from using its easy store of sugar for energy I’m making it work and it’s not liking it. I’m not liking it.

Yet I’m on day three. The day where most people throw in the towel drive on down to the ice cream parlor and say to the scooper why yes I want three scoops in a waffle cone and can you put a hustle on it?  So in preparation for this sort of event I hid my wallet from myself so that I would not even if I wanted to be able to go out and get fat I mean fast food. I've locked the door and told people that the best way to communicate with me would probably be by telegram or carrier pigeon. It took all my will power to be nice today.
So now I am sitting here on the couch with Friend reruns on in my comfort clothes, the snow falling out the window and my house smelling like smoke from the oh romantic bacon wrapped meatloaf I put in the oven that caught on fire. Note to self don’t’ jam a bunch of meat on top of other meat and not give the grease a place to go. So needless to say while the windows are open, the fans blowing and I bundled up in my down coat that is rated for arctic winter my surroundings finally meet my mood. In a few minutes I’m going to go to bed and hopefully wake up a much more pleasant and sparkly person. If not I might have to put myself on a penalty hold.

Day three.


Yeah. I said it.

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