Friday, October 30, 2009


Have you had a nice October?

I have.

Lets catch up shall we?

All I did was work. work. work. Work.I worked so much I tried writing a song about it.

Did I mention I worked?

I worked so much I didn't get to go outside and see the fall leaves.

Or sit by the window and read a good book with a nice hot mug of candy cane hot chocolate. (Not spiked despite present rumors.)

I moved back in to my childhood home. Which was something I vowed I would never do but lets face it. I vowed not to drive a mini van, listen to Beyonce or watch Glee and I have caved on all of those so what's one more on the list?

My wallet decided that we couldn't be friends anymore and vanished with my whole pay check from Farr's. Cause a certain individual doesn't make mistakes. Yeah right buddy. Me you and at the church parking lot 3 pm. Oh well. Do over for my driver's license picture!

I'm going to South Carolina in two weeks.

And I promise I am going to update too.

Thanks for checking in.

Missed ya.


1 comment:

  1. I missed you too! I kept checking and checking, but there was never anything new from Blakey! But now, my day is complete! We have to do something before you go to South Carolina.