Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I'm taking today off. 

I have nothing brilliant to say. I mean it takes a lot of work to be as witty and charming as I am. No seriously. I have to rehearse, try out my stories (yes they know they are working with someone "precious") to see if they make sense. Then I have to sit and type it out and make sure my sentences don't run on too long. 

Last night I sat at my desk and I fell asleep. I've been a little busy. Mainly I've been trying to follow my meal plan created by Mr. Trainer's awesome co-worker Natalie. She worked hard on it to make sure I don't suffer (she even factored in double stamp day!Which was a miracle.)and then I've had a busy schedule with the gym, social engagements, and the boring adult stuff one must do after work(like getting gas. Why is that so inconvenient getting gas? 


It's Wednesday and I'm working hard on being positive it's hard work but I'm doing it. Cause I have stubborn gladness that things will get better (I'm not reading the news anymore cause it's too depressing.) and I'm not letting the fear of doubt get to me. 

So there's that. 

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